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HyComp has been a premier supplier to the commercial and military aerospace industry for many years. We supply both injection and compression molded products in a variety of engineered thermoplastic and thermoset materials. Our expertise in processing Torlon®, PEEK, & Ultem® thermoplastics as well as high temperature polyimide, epoxy, and polyester thermosets, is unmatched in the industry.

If quantity demand is low, tooling investment not supported, or development lead time is an issue, we offer our capabilities in machining to produce parts from commercially available stock shapes.

Many parts today require light assembly, co-molding, or molded-in components; HyComp has a team and process in place to effectively manage customer projects.


  • High Temperature Engine Components including IGV and OGV Vanes
  • Auxiliary Power Supply (APU) Components
  • Electrical Insulator Components, Power Distribution
  • Composite Bearings - (Vespel ®, Meldin ®, Alternatives)
  • Aircraft Landing and Braking System Components
  • Cabin Pressure - Valves
  • Environment Control System - Valves
  • Electrical Enclosures Utilizing - EMI Compounds