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Our History

HyComp LLC was originally founded in 1986 as an advanced composite parts manufacturer and has evolved into a versatile, solutions-based, manufacturing company that is part of Saint Gobain Seals. We specialize in the manufacturing of complex parts and light assemblies produced using high performance thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials.

HyComp has also developed a line of high temperature, low wear, composite bearing materials trademarked WearComp®, FibreComp®, WearComp 200™, H310™, and H320™. These self-lubricating materials are used in both aerospace and industrial equipment applications as wear pads, seals, bearings, brackets, insulators, and more; all with the aim of extending service life and eliminating lubrication.

We have developed a line of Roll Polishing Equipment for Steel & Aluminum Rolling Mills. HyComp designs and manufactures these products for Hot Strip Mill Pinch Rolls, Galvanizing Lines, and Temper Mills. If you're producing automotive, appliance, or stainless steel strip and are looking to maintain the highest surface quality, HyComp can deliver a customized solution to satisfy your requirements.

  • Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • 17960 Englewood Dr. Cleveland, OH 44130
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National Aerospace Inquiries

Mark Scoular -
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National Industrial Composite Bearing Inquiries

Patrick McSweeney -
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Ohio Region Aerospace and Industrial Composite Bearings Inquiries

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