Thermoplastic Injection Molding
Aerospace custom molding
We specialize in the manufacturing of injection, compression and transfer molded engineered thermoplastics and high temperature composites parts. These components are post machined to precision tolerances using sophisticated CNC equipment. We specialize in processing PEEK, Torlon®, Ultem®, as well as high temperature polymers, epoxies
and polyesters.
HyComp’s materials, WearComp®, WearComp® 200, FibreComp®,
and H310® were developed for
high-temperature/ high-performance self-lubricating bearings, wear
items and H320 for thermal
/electrical insulators.
HyComp’s Roll Polishing System is a proprietary technology developed to improve strip quality and increase mill production through
the elimination of roll pickup and oxidation. This technology is a
real-time, in-line articulating system that continuously cleans the roll surface during mill production.
HyComp is a state-of-the-art fully integrated manufacturing facility specializing in high
performance polymers and composites parts, providing solutions for the demanding aerospace
and industrial markets.

Our line of proprietary self-lubricating composites offers a unique blend of properties, proving the
ultimate performance. These high temperature materials are available in carbon fiber, glass, and
graphite combinations offering designers broad flexibility in their components.
Plastic injection molding
HyComp specializes in short to moderate run parts for Aerospace and Industrial customers. We have a full range of machines from 25-200 Tons. Our capabilities and experience in High Temperature Engineered Thermoplastics are unmatched in the industry. HyComp routinely performs over molding and insert molding in today’s most advanced materials.
Precision machining
HyComp has over 30,000 sq. ft. of facilities dedicated to extensive and precision machining. Our services and equipment include Vertical CNC mills with 5 Axis capabilities, CNC Lathes with live tooling capability, surface grinders with large table capacity, precision honing machines, OD/ID grinding machines and an array of manual milling machines.
Custom plastic injection molding
HyComp manufactures custom compression
and transfer molded thermoset parts for various industries. Our advanced equipment in this area allows us to mold a wide variety of custom
shapes, stock plates, and custom bushings. We have a full range of machines from 25-500 Tons.
CNC turning services
HyComp sees an ever-widening need in industry for components that improve equipment longevity and help to reduce the expense of downtime and warranties. We continue to provide superior products to Aerospace, Industrial, Steel & Aluminum Rolling Mills, and Aluminum Beverage Can industries.
Precision cnc machining
HyComp is a fully accredited AS9100C facility and also maintains an ISO9100 certificate. Our full service capabilities include in-process verification to control variation including SPC. Our in-house equipment includes CMM capabilities, optical comparators, height gages, as well as precision hand gages. We have an in-house lab that performs material testing using an Instron machine, as well as customer specified destructive and non-destructive testing as required.